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Traverse City direct flightsTraverse city is one of those rare little gems located in Norther Michigan. This is a place that people hear about but can not fuully grasp the tropical paradise like beauty. With the ever growing popularity of this area Traverse City is becoming a popular place in many top ten lists for best place to live, visit or vacation. We decided to create this page as a small tribute to the place we call home. 

Traverse City History

The city had its first start as a small but important saw mill at the base of the Boardman river. Captian Boardman sailed into the Grand Traverse Bay and purchased a small section of beachfront property at the mouth of the river. Before to long the saw mill was built and by 1851 the Captain sold the mill to the 3 men that will be known as the father of Traverse City. 

In 1851 Perry Hannah, Albert Lay and James Morgan purchased the mill and start investing in the growth of the business. This attracted more and more people to the area to work as well as trade. Because of the influx of people it was important to establish am official town, Albert Lay was able to setup a post offcie and the town was formed as Traverse City

The mouth of the Boardman RiverFrom this point forward the area has steadily grown. Now kn own as the Cherry Capital do to the surrounding farm land producing more cherries than any other place in the USA. This has spawned the National Cherry Festival and many other tourist attractions like Local vinyards and micro brewrys. These industries are supported by the farmers and crop growers of the area. 

The entire metro area of Traverse City has become an economic and cultural meca. With nearly 150,000 people living in or near the city limits, the area has all the big city amenities with a quaint and pleasant small town feel. 

Traverse City Sports 

There are 2 professional sports teams. The Traverse City Beach Bums have a perminet home at Wereul Park located just outside the city limits. The team has started to gain some notarity with in the Frontier League, and in 2015 they won their first championship. 

The Traverse CIty Wolves are a semi pro football team that plays regularly at Thirlby Field located near downtown. Part of the North American Football League they have made the city proud. 

Traverse City Landmarks

The Grand Traverse Bay

The biggest and most obvious landmark is the Grand Traveerse Bay, this is a large inlet from Lake Michigan. It not only offer supreme beauty, but also connects the city to the rest of Michigan via the Great Leakes. 

The Hannah Lay house is a popular site to visit. This was the home of 2 of the founder of the city. Located in the center of the downtown area this home is the largest and most destict hous in the area. 

Locateed on Front st. the City Opera House is still a fantastic place to see live entertainment. Bands, comedians, and performance arts all frequent this century old playhouse. 

The Traverse City Sate Theater was the original movie theater and it has been resurected into a beautiful and pristene place to watch movie both new and old. With it 1920's style lighted signs and the catherdral cielings, this theater takes right back to the 20's and makes you smile everytime you walk in. 

The State Hospital is a former mental health care facility that has been renovated into the Grand Traverse Commons. This was an effort to preserve this historic and imortant piece of the cities history and culture. This massive medical complex had its own power station, water treatment, as well as a unique tunnel system to connect the buildings together for fast and safe travel to the many wings.

Traverse City Festivals

The National Cherry Festival is the biggest and most prominet of all the festivals held in the area, drawing in over 1 million people. The Navy Blue Angels head line the airshow and kick of the week long celebration of the cities crowning achievment of being the cherry capital of the United States.  

The Traverse CIty Film Festival happens once a year and brings in a culturally diverse crowd of movie and entertaiment lovers. Utilizing many locations around the area the film festival last for one week. The locals favor the free movie nights under the stars at the open space next to the water. With a 80 foot inflatible screen the festival offers puplic showings of some of the most iconic and important films of recent times. 

Because of all that Traverse City has to offer we are proud to serve the dental needs of the local residents, and we are so proud to call Traverse City home




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